Strengthening Our Nonprofit Community

Development and Organizational Assessments

HHW - development assessment

Photo courtesy of Habitat for Humanity of Wake County

What to expect:

  • Action plan with steps you can take immediately and in the longer term to improve your overall organization and/or your development operation, informative insights from key stakeholders about what your organization is doing well, and where you need to focus additional efforts
  • Energized staff, board members and volunteers who are excited about the potential to enhance fundraising results

In order to reach important goals, your development office must be functioning efficiently and effectively. Stepping back and partnering with moss+ross to take an objective view of your entire organization or just your development operation is an extremely valuable exercise. During an organizational assessment, our experienced staff will look closely at your strategic plan, program effectiveness, board policies and processes, personnel, volunteer leadership and involvement, fundraising, and financial operations. In a development assessment, we will examine internal operations, external programs, office procedures measured against best practices, and personnel related to fundraising.

APS - development assessment

Photo courtesy of Animal Protection Society of Durham

The organizational assessment involves an objective review of all areas outlined above resulting in recommendations tailored to improve efficiency and effectiveness so that your organization can maximize its mission and impact. In a development assessment, we will examine your fundraising history—strategies, tactics, communications and results—to identify areas of strength and opportunity. In either type of assessment, we will start with a review of specified materials and reports. Once we have a strong understanding of your overall and/or fundraising operation, we will reach out to individuals involved in the organization through a series of confidential stakeholder interviews. When appropriate, a benchmarking study of peer institutions will be conducted to help inform recommendations and identify best practices.

UNIAH - development assessment

Photo: Jeanine Simmons/Courtesy of UNC Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Based on a thorough analysis, moss+ross will provide detailed recommendations that will strengthen your organization or, more specifically, your fundraising operation. In either case, results are presented in a customized written report that includes qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the current operations, recommendations for future success, and a plan of action for implementing the proposed recommendations. To discuss the need for a development assessment of your organization, please contact us.